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If you ever need any support or have any questions about anything recruiting related, please reach out to the person your interviewed with!

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Nailing Your Screening interview

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Mock Call Overview

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First Impressions / Cleaning Up Your FB Profile

First impressions are EVERYTHING! You want to make sure you make a good first impression before you even hop on the initial interview with one of our clients.

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**We understand that Facebook is typically used for staying connected with your family and friends, but if you are going to transition into this industry, understand that your Facebook will likely be used for professional purposes, as our clients use Facebook for the majority of their marketing.**

✅ Here are some examples of good Facebook profiles:

What Happens When You Are Connected With A Client

What Happens When You Are Connected With A Client

If you successfully get hired by one of our clients for over 30 days, and then choose to leave/get fired, we are NOT allowed to put you straight back into the pipeline. This is because we are not allowed to circumvent any reps that are currently with OR have been with one of our clients in the past year. If you want to get back into the pipeline, 30 days must have elapsed since the day you left the current client, and you must get written consent/approval from that employer to be added back into our pool of candidates (We will send you the documentation that needs to be signed if this becomes the case).